Engelska - English

Jessika Strand:

Welcome to the Stockholm archipelago.
The sea here is the Baltic Sea, which is an inland sea.

Enjoy the beautiful natural world and exciting animals as you discover the Stockholm archipelago.

The archipelago is a nature reserve.
This means that it is forbidden to leave rubbish, break branches from trees, and make fires (except for at certain places). You must not damage the environment or harm the animals here.

The archipelago is home to many animals, most of them completely harmless. There is only one snake you need to be careful about – the adder. Call the emergency services on 112 if you are bitten by an adder, but if you see one you can simply continue – the snake is afraid of humans. The snake is protected, which means that you must not harm it.

The sea and lakes contain many exciting plants and animals. The most important that you see close to you is the bladder wrack, which is home to much of the life in the Baltic Sea.
Look closely and you’ll make many discoveries.
It is also possible to swim, fish and use a boat here.

Remember that it is forbidden to urinate in the water.
This can lead to both animals and the environment becoming sick. It is also forbidden to leave rubbish or throw it into the water: this causes great damage to the Baltic Sea.
Urinate in the forest or one of the toilets instead.

Have a wonderful day in the archipelago.